Belated poetic greetings for mothers everywhere…


Giving rightful credit, where credit is due! Pass it on to give thanks joy and recognition!Flowers of Gratitude in Honor of Mothers’ Day!In honor of all mothers everywhere; especially in the immediate and extended family!

From our mother
we derive life
and unselfish love,
caring and kindness,
nourishment and nurturing,
encouragement, counseling and advice,
sheltering and protection.
The warmth of our mother’s
gentle touch and loving embrace,
entails the proof of
maternal miracle powers
to heal us with a kiss,
with a reassuring hug,
and a band aid.
and to make us whole again,
whenever we are hurt.
Her reassuring hands hold us
when we take our first steps,
or pick us up when we fall.
Mother steadies us
when we waiver with uncertainty,
or whenever we stumble
after missteps or mistakes.
She cheers us on
when we speak our first words,
or when we sing our first song,
and whenever we master new skills and tasks.
She is there when we need her,
to give us guidance and direction,
or occasional scolding
whenever appropriate
and she does whatever is necessary
to redirect us onto the right path
and honest course of action,
because mothers are concerned
for the welfare and well-being
of their children.
When all goes well,
as hoped and prayed for,
children return the affection,
because kindness blossoms
and bears fruit,
bringing its own
and just rewards.
Lucky are those
who still have mothers
to express thanks
and gratitude
in person!
For becoming a mother,
nature has allocated
a mere nine months;
however, being a mother
is labor of love
of a lifetime!

Give flowers in gratitude,
and have thoughts
of love for all mothers
who are no longer
with us!

May 11, 2008
(revised May 12, 2012)


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