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Muslims Make Cabinet Demands In Shocking Dossier To M7


Muslims Make Cabinet Demands In Shocking Dossier To M7

By John V Sserwaniko,

Desirous to take advantage of the impending mini cabinet reshuffle, the Muslim leadership in Uganda has written a dossier to President Museveni. In their dossier to the president, the Old Kampala-based Muslim leaders openly complain stating that Muslims have been sidelined.

The two page dossier is signed by Hajji Nsereko Mutumba, the Director for Communications and personal assistant to Mufti Sheikh Ramathan Shaban Mubajje. Nsereko speaks for the mainstream Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) leadership for which Mubajje is Mufti. Their rivals, for whom Zubair Kayongo is the Mufti, are based at Kibuli.
“I speak for my boss the Mufti and for UMSC. So whatever I’m telling you and I stated in that document is the official position of Muslim leadership in Uganda,” Nsereko Mutumba said when asked whether the contents where shared by Mubajje and other leaders.

“There is nothing new because we have always made these concerns known to the President in meetings and correspondences,” Mutumba said denying that the charge of promoting sectarianism. On the contrary, he said: “He who is marginalising us is the one orchestrating sectarianism and not us. We are only pointing out the gross injustices.”

On the two page dossier, the UMSC leaders attached well researched tabulated information with figures to show Muslims are being marginalized. One of the attached information is a nine page document showing how the sharing of the national cake continues to be skewed against Muslims despite their numerical strength.

According to the dossier, of the 75 cabinet/state ministers we currently have, only 6 are Muslims. In terms of full cabinet, we have 29 ministers of whom only one, Moses Ali, is a Muslim.

“He too doesn’t represent Muslims because he is there for historical reasons,” Mutumba explained adding that with Syda Bbumba’s exit, Muslims don’t see themselves in cabinet any more.

Flanked by Ahmed Kayongo Nyago (UMSC’s Chief electoral commissioner), Nsereko showed Red Pepper latest census figures showing we currently have 9,071,671 Muslims in Uganda out of 33 million people.

“This is based on our ongoing census conducted in liaison with our network of Muslim leaders from the village to the district and beyond.
We are no less than 20% of the population but it’s not being reflected in sharing the national cake,” Mutumba explained adding that Mubajje continues pleading with impatient Muslim youths not to riot over this matter wherever he goes.

Mutumba said the figures were being compiled in preparation of UMSC’s forthcoming elections slated for March 2012. Kayongo Nyago wondered: “What is the purpose of IUIU, KU and others churning out Muslim graduates who government is deliberately locking out of opportunities in its parastatals?”

The dossier also claims that whereas Museveni has always replaced Christians with fellow Christians and has ensured certain positions are theirs, none Muslims continue replacing Muslims in cabinet. It shows Catholics (Specioza Kazibwe, Gilbert Bukenya & now Sekandi) have been succeeding each other as Vice Presidents.

That Protestants (Cosmas Adyebo, Samson Kisekka, Nsibambi & now Mbabazi) have been succeeding each other as Prime Ministers which hasn’t been the case for Muslims. The dossier shows that at Internal Affairs ministry, Ali Kirunda Kivejinja was replaced by Hillary Onek, a Catholic. At Finance Ministry, Syda Bbumba was replaced by Maria Kiwanuka, a none Muslim.

It adds that at Bank of Uganda, Suleiman Kiggundu was governor but none of his successors has been a Muslim. On page four, the dossier shows that of the 21 permanent secretaries, only one (Asuman Lukwago/MOH) is a Muslim.

Of the other 46 accounting officers for other government departments/agencies (the dossier doesn’t name them), only one is a Muslim. When it comes to CAOs, the dossier shows we have 112 of them and only 9 are Muslims! Of the 22 town clerks for urban councils, only 1 (Kiira’s Uthman Sebaduka) is a Muslim.

22 Others
The documents shows the situation is hardly any better in the 22 public sector organizations none of which is headed by a Muslim.

They include NFA, NPA, Cotton Development Organization, PPDA, UBOS, UCDA, URA, LDC, UNBS, Judiciary, IGG, Parliament (Clerk), Law Reform Commission, Uganda Aids Commission, UNRA, Uganda Road Fund, Immigration and KCCA. At KCCA, the dossier shows of the 9 directors; none is a Muslim yet Muslims are a huge force to reckon with in city businesses.

In total 22 organizations are listed; none of which is headed by a Muslim. Another 26 is listed with just two headed by Muslims namely NCHE (headed by Prof AB Kasozi) and Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA; headed by Kaddunabi Lubega). In each case, the heads’ full names are listed to prove they aren’t Muslims.  The dossier reveals even a grimmer picture for Muslims in the judiciary.

Of the top 230 officials, only 11 are Muslims. As for the Ambassadors, the dossier claims of the  46, only 6 are Muslims. And out of the 224 RDCs, the dossier shows only 30 are Muslims. Breaking down the Judiciary, the dossier shows that none of the Seven Supreme Court Justices is a Muslim.

The same applies to Court of Appeal. Of the 42 High Court judges, only two (Moses Mukiibi & Hassan Nyanzi) are Muslims. Of the seven registrars, only one (Erias Kisawuzi) is a Muslim. Of the 14 deputy registrars, only one (Issa Muwata) is a Muslim. There are 11 assistant registrars, none of whom is a Muslim.

There are 36 Chief Magistrates and only one (Sheikh Kasakya) is a Muslim. There are 106, Grade One Magistrates and only 6 are Muslims. Before proposing names of prominent and qualified Muslims who should be appointed to cabinet, the dossier authors assure Museveni of their NRM credentials.

“Your Excellence you know that the reason I chose to hold office of [UMSC Mufti & PRO] was to serve my party of NRM. How? I will [verbally] explain to you when I get the golden chance of meeting Your Excellence,” the dossier reads in part.

“Basing on my experience, age and track record of supporting and serving the NRA/M as a senior cadre, I thought it prudent to use my office as the Muslim Spokesperson to inform you about this persistent complaint,” Mutumba’s dossier reads in part.

The dossier emphasizes that the 31 names UMSC is recommending for ministerial and other appointments are qualified because they are strong NRM cadres. Listing shadow ministers Kaps Fungaroo, Abdul Katuntu, Hussein Kyanjo and Semujju Nganda, the dossier reminds Museveni that the opposition has given Muslims more visibility than the NRM which Nsereko Mutumba said they have always exclusively voted for and will continue to vote for.

Proposed List
The names UMSC is presenting to the President for appointment include Hon Ganyana Miiro formerly a commissioner with Amnesty Commission.
There is also ex-BOU Publicist Hajji Juma Walusimbi, now with Tropical Bank.

Others are Dr. Edris Kasenene Serugo (Sr lectrurer Mak), Kasabhai Siraj (President’s office), Habib Suleiman Mushamba (retired civil servant), Jamiru Maningi (IGG’s office), Dr. Simba Kayunga (Head Makerere political science dep’t), Dr. Yasiin Olum (Sr Don Mak), MPs Hatwib Katoto (Katerera-Rubirizi) & Nasser Basajjabalaba (Bushenyi Municipality).

Others are Bashir Kalenge (State H’se Legal Dep’t), Dr. Mohammed Serunjogi (lecturer UMI and formerly with IDB), Yumbe MP Oleru Hudah, Igosiya Sulayi Bruhan (West Nile), Dr. Sarah Wasagali (Don IUIU), Sowedi Masaba (Sr Don Busitema) and former Mbale Speaker Abdallah Kutosi.

There is also Agaba Abbas (ex-NRM Youth League boss) Mohamed Baku (IUIU don), Ismail Suleiman Masaba Lumolo (Mbale/ NRM  Entrepreneur League), Haji Musana Kawanguzi (Lands Ministry), Othman Alonga (ex-MP Yumbe), Aminah Kaherebu Sekibembe (Country Coordinator Agha Khan Foundation), Edrisa Kasozi Sinani (Law don IUIU), Abbas Wanderema Sumaali (Dean of Students IUIU), Swalikh Masokoyi Wasswa (University Secretary IUIU & ex-LCV V/C Mbale), Marusi Eton Obonyo (Don Pakwach UCC), Lawyer Adams Kibwami, Yusuf Ngoma Ngime, Issa Satya (Kapchorwa) and Ismail Mustapha Ramadhan (NRM leader Bombo T/C).

The dossier lists for Museveni 23 government regulatory authorities were some of these can be posted in case he finds some of them unsuitable for ministerial appointments. The listed public bodies include URA, KCCA, NSSF, Electricity Regulatory Authority, NEMA, Uganda Export Promotion Board, Bank of Uganda, UWA, NMS, CAA, NPA, NFA, NDA, PPDA, UNRA and others.