Become An Ansar for UMBS

If you like our Online Da’wah activities and want to support us, you may please donate us something, from the Halal Riziq (income) which Allah has given to you so that we can expand our Online Da’wah projects and spread the message of Islam virally through Social Media.You can know more about UMBS and our projects by visiting our site and click on ‘UMBS organisation’.

Our Future Islamic Projects

  1. Developing Islamic Software
  2. Developing Applications for Iphone, Android, Blackberry etc.
  3. Creating Islamic Presentations
  4. Creating Islamic Documentary Film
  5. Providing free Quran
  6. Providing free Islamic books by post
  7. Creating Islamic websites specially for Muslim Youth.
  8. Arranging Islamic Events.
  9. Helping new Muslims in their transition to Islam by providing them free Quran, help them in their quest for knowledge.
  10. Open a model islamic nursery school in Kampala
  11. Opening up an Islamic TV
  12. Starting up an educational loan scheme for Muslim students
  13. Building UMBS offices
  14.  And many more!!

“Verily, those who give Sadaqât (i.e. Zakât and alms, etc.), men and women, and lend Allâh a goodly loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and theirs shall be an honourable good reward (i.e. Paradise)”. (57:18)

If you would like to donate us via direct bank deposit, mail a cheque or money order, Sponsor our Blog/ Website/ Facebook Page, give Advertisement , please send an email to or


The following are the bank details for those who want to either do online banking or depositing money on the account:

BANK NAME: HALIFAX BANK:  Headrow Street Branch,Leeds, UK

ROLL NUMBER: D/51000310-9

SORT CODE: 11-10-41





A/C number: 07074320002

Name of the Bank: Bank of Africa

Name of the Account: Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters



Please write a USD cheque to: Abbey Semuwemba. I will provide you with the address once you are ready to send the cheque. Email us at:  to get more details

For Western Union or Moneygram, send payment to: Abbey Semuwemba. Western Union can be found in any country in the world and it takes less than 2 hours for one to recive the money. Moneygram can be found on any post office branch in the world. In the USA and Europe, it can also be found on so many travel agencies. Several Travel agencies tend to offer this service in most developed nations.

Please keep your receipt in case you use any other method other than directly depositing money on the account. This is done to avoid future misunderstandings that can rise between the sender and recipient of funds.

Alternatively, you can directly email Abbey Semuwemba at:  if you need further clarification.

Thank you for your donation.


Assalamu Alaikum,

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Sister Nageeba Hassan is acting temporarily as our official UMBS treasurer as we try to fundraise for several causes on this forum. What this means is that she is now responsible for collecting any donations we may receive from Muslims based in Kampala.

She can be contacted at:

 Nageeba Hassan

+256 772 443 261

We intend to use her for other causes that may necessitate fundraising on this forum. Nageeba is well known in Muslim circles in Kampala and I have known her as my OG (Kibuli S.S.) for a while. So I trust her completely. Your money will be in safe hands inishallah. Allah knows better.
I have privately emailed Sister Nageeba her responsibilities as a treasurer as we strategically build UMBS into something inishallah. Please support her in the new role as she is voluntarily doing this for us. The guidelines i have sent her are meant to keep her name intact incase of any malicious accusations arising from anybody though i hope it doesn’t happen.

Deputy Treasurer

Nageeba is being deputised by Sister Aisha Nambooze who can be contacted at: 0776963871,0702963871,or 0752963871. She is the headmistress of Lukman Primary School, one of the few schools in Uganda which takes a dual curriculum system that is secular and theology. She also belongs to one of the muslim associations called AL HUDAA WOMENS GROUP based in Uganda. She is one of the committed members of UMBS promoting and supporting us before being asked to do so.

Please if you send them mobile money, please let them know your name such that they can keep records of this. Also bear in mind that some charges are incured in the process of sending money to us using any means listed.

For the purposes of transparency, please email me at: whenever you give something to either Aisha Nambooze or Nageeba Hussein.

At the moment, we are fundraising for both the construction of the UMBS website and UMBS registration but we are so short of our target. So for those in Kampala who may find it difficult to send us money using means such as: PayPal, money gram, western Union, bank transfers, ……….. please give your money to either of the two sisters inishallah.


If anyone has got a house, car, land, computer, files, laptop, books, any office equipement, e.t.c which they want to donate to UMBS organisation, please get in touch with either the chief administrator, Abbey Semuwemba at: or any of the regional representatives that have been introduced to you on the forum, or You can also contact the UMBS official secretary,Rashidah Nassali, on: 00256-703-713502. She will ensure that everything is stored safely inishallah.

When you give something to a regional representative, please notify Abbey Semuwemba, to avoid future misunderstandings. We especially need a house or building for UMBS headquarters. The organisation has got no headquarters at the moment but we would appreciate anybody who helps us to achieve this objective inishsllah.

For land donations, the land tittle will be processed or transfered into UMBS ownership as soon as it is donated inishallah. The same will be done for big items such as a car inishallah.

For financial donations, please click on the following link for details inishallah.

Secondly, we need more people to come out to become official representatives of UMBS in regions where they live. We still need reps for France, UK, Germany, Honh Kong, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Jinja, Iganga, Soroti, Karamoja, Mbarara, and other regions in Uganda. Please send your name, contacts, photo, some bits of imnformation about yourself to


Thank you

Abbey Semuwemba




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